When it is the weekend, a lot of people likes spending in their gardens and lawns to unwind and get busy with lawn care, which is where landscaping design and lawn care businesses get in the picture.


It is great to have a beautiful yard but most people are too exhausted and lacks the time to do lawn care anymore. Hardscaping Clayton MO design and lawn care services are excellent options.


You are not always obligated to seek the services of a big and renowned company since you can hire neighborhood children to mow your lawn. Or you can go all the way with your lawn care and take advantage of a thorough planning, consultation, management, and planting of your gardens and lawns. Come up with a list and find out what companies offer, how much it costs, in relation to your needs.


Kinds of Lawn Care Services

It is not easy to transform a chaotic and overgrown lawn or garden into a pleasant and organized place. It is the main benefit of employing the services of a professional Landscape Deisgn Clayton MO because they are well-versed on the art of redesigning space and transforming it into your own design.


Professional landscape artists are knowledgeable whether what plants grow best in what soil and climate condition. They are well-versed on the types of plants you can plant alongside each other, and which ones can only be planted in the shade or need sunlight to grow. Having a tidy and pleasant lawn is a big asset especially if you want to sell your house, and if you are not expert at gardening, hire a landscape design contractor to assist you. Furthermore, you can enjoy big savings if you just let the landscaper do the design and you carry out the actual work on your own.   


Benefits of an Attractive Yard

Weekly lawn mowing is what you mostly need when it comes to lawn care. No need to mow the lawn that often if the weather is cold. But to achieve a gorgeous green grass in your lawn, do it as often as you could. 


Compare how much various charge for different lawn care and landscape design services. It may include mowing, pruning, mulching, and others.


Which Company to Hire

Research various companies before deciding who to work with. Take a look at lawns you like or ask from family and friends who they work with. The yellow pages is not the only place lawn care and landscape design contractors place their ads. The best way to determine is to find a lawn you admire and contact the contractor maintaining it.



Likewise, check first if the company is insured and licensed before working with them. Research for references and testimonials as much as you can.